What ClampTite Tool Users Have To Say

Cap Horning - Cape Horn African Adventures

We have a safari company working in Tanzania, East Africa and I am always looking at things to facilitate bush mechanics issues....making something out of nothing. I've repaired a collapsed pushrod by using a .375 shell casing, repaired motor mounts by using wraps of longs strips of innertube, repaired leaf mainsprings by using split mopane oak and strips of innertube but have never found a good substitute for a broken hose clamp. This baby will do the trick...easy to use and very trick.

...One repair I've already tried is wrapping a broken leaf mainspring with strips of rubber, then using the ClampTite to reinforce...

...I have also already used the ClampTite you sent me to fix a sledge hammer handle...wire on top of the rubber strips and also the frame of a dirt bike by inserting a hard wood stick the same size as the frame member ID then wrapping with rubber strips...then using the ClampTite. You'd never even know it was broken and I actually forgot to get it welded. Pretty cool. We do a lot of adventure motorcycling up in the northwest towards Alaska during the off season and have showed the tool to several people. They all thought it was great and said they were going to order one...

...I'm very impressed with the tool you sent me.  I intend on showing this thing to every professional hunter I run into - I'm sold on it. 

David Seckel - Tallmadge, Oh

Just wanted to say how great your tool is. I purchased one at the Dayton Hamvention, 2007, to repair a garden hose. I have tried to repair this hose with several hose clamps with no success. All would hold for several hours and then fly apart under pressure with the nozzle shut off. I did not want to lose the length, about 20ft of 90ft, but didn't know how I would get any repair to stick. My first attempt with your tool solved the problem and I now have my 90ft hose back. Thanks for a great product!

Lat and Atts May 2003 and August 2004

I found it at the boat show May 2003...cut off a piece of wire...tuck it around the piece you have to serve. Then you attach the ClampTite Tool and tighten...Once the wire has tighten on the hose, you simply flip the tool, which locks the wire in place and clip off with a pair of wire cutters. Viola! You have an extremely tight (and very cheap!) hose clamp. The first time I tried to use the unit, it took me about five minutes using the instructions that came with it. After that, it was so simple I could do it in a matter of a minute?.

Brion Toss - Author of The Riggers Apprentice Port Townsend, WA

The ClampTite Tool is the Best thing since seizing wire. A Must Have Tool for Every Rigger.

Sailing Magazine June 2004

The ClampTite Tool is a riggers dream...With a little wire, a strong hose clamp is a cinch to make...

Ron Selz - Simmons Marine Service - Washington State

I keep mine in my glove box so I have it with me at all times. This device has kept me on the road on many occasions. Once I make a clamp with this, I dont replace it with regular clamps.

Steve Hofbauser - California

I bought my ClampTite last year and have used it a lot. I fixed my wipers on the motorhome when it broke on the road. I used it to clamp my hoses and through hull fittings on the boat. I even fixed an easy-up bracket in the field when it broke. Handiest little tool I've bought at the show.

Brad Manners - California 2004

About the ClampTite Tool some getting use to (practice) But once you've got it, you'll use it - I Guarantee

Scott U Adam Capt.S/V Quest 2004

3 times on our trip from Bluff, New Zealand to Los Angeles. We had new hose clamps that failed. Rather than search for the right size clamp in our spares, I used our ClampTite and fairly heavy gauge wire because of its easy use and accessibility---We now keep the ClampTite available with our emergency tools for easy access.
Cust.Davidson 53PA (25,000 miles in the 2 years we have had Quest)

David Anderson Captain S/V Sea Trades 2004

ClampTite is a fascinating tool that I've used in place of all types of other clamps or fittings. This thing is small, versatile, stores in my tool bag and is easy to use. Instead of carrying 5 or 6 different sizes of replacement clamps, I've relied on my ClampTite (Tool) and S/S wire time and time again.

Randy Stewart S/V Dreamaker

Super Clamp (ClampTite Tool) has been an invaluable addition to my toolbox. Invariably, when I get into a project, I find that I don't have exactly what I need and have to go to the hardware or marine store. The Super Clamp (ClampTite Tool) has eliminated that need for exactly the right clamp. It's versatility and adaptability has saved me countless trips to the store and although I haven?t needed it's use while we were out sailing, I know the Super Clamp (ClampTite Tool) could be a boat saver and a Life saver.

Charles FBL 2004

I have owned a ClampTite since 2001 and found it great for both emergency and regular use it also allows access in tight spaces. Put it on and it stays.

Jeff Miller - Florida 2004

This product amazingly takes the place of multiple clamps, is very strong and is a necessary regular and emergency tool for every sailboat (motor yachts should have it too)

Mike Pederson - Florida 2004

I used the Clamptite to clamp my A/C duct worn to the A/A - everything else Failed. It's a great tool and should be in everyones Rigger Bag.

Joe Frischolz - Washington State 2004

I've been using the ClampTite for 2 years on the irrigation system in my orchard. It has saved me a lot of money replacing hose clamps. It's Great. Thanks.

John S. Machin Portland, OR 2004

I have used my ClampTite hose tool in the diesel and automotive Business for 9 years and just have to say It's Great.

4 3/4" Stainless Steel/Aluminium Tool Extends to 7" Long

4 3/4" Stainless Steel/Aluminium Tool Extends to 7" Long

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6 3/4" Stainless Steel Tool with Hex Nut Extends to 9" Long

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71/4" Stainless Steel w/Hex Nut & Ext. Extends to 91/2" Long

71/4" Stainless Steel w/Hex Nut & Ext. Extends to 91/2" Long

CLT07L -- This ClampTite robust tool about 2" larger than the standard tool, and uses larger wir..


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